Geographical Conundrum

I got a call from a friend in Tucson, asking what I knew about the shooting of a border patrol agent that happened early yesterday in Naco. This was a surprise to me. He had read/heard the news long before I had.

“Tucson is Closer to Naco than Bisbee”, was my immediate off-the-cuff response. But in the sense that I responded to him this is true. When travelers* cross the border, it is rarely their intention to get to Bisbee. There are few jobs available in Bisbee, they don’t pay very well. [Who works in Bisbee anyway?] Tucson and Phoenix have more economic opportunity for travelers.

Actually, Naco is the small border town 5 miles south of Bisbee. Do I know any drug dealers in Bisbee? Sure. Bartenders. Do I know any drug users in Bisbee? Sure. The people on the other side of the bar.

Oh, do I know any illegal drug dealers in Bisbee? Only by rumor. Such drug deals are done around the corner, or in private spaces. Do I know any drug users in Bisbee? Again, only by rumor. Were I in the market for drugs I would know more about the players.

Was the shooting drug related? Quite possibly. Ordinary travelers don’t shoot border patrol agents.


A friend of mine introduced me to this term. This seems to be less pejorative than “Illegal Alien” and more accurate than “Undocumented Immigrant”.
* Traveler = An undocumented immigrant or illegal alien or one with a valid visa , or a US citizen passing through.

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