Time Changes

[This was written after the changing of the clocks.]

This past weekend most of the nation adjusted their clocks because they went onto Daylight Saving Time. Time and time zones have been concepts that I didn’t excel at. Add to it the semi-annual changing of the clocks, and those of us who don’t function well with time have even more problems.

In fact I have a friend who lives in Minnesota, who I called on the eve of the time change, to ask him what time it would be in 24 hours. This was helpful until I moved to a different time zone. Then I had to learn the “Fall Forward, Spring Back”* or something like that.

Obviously, there were Mondays, following the weekend of the time change when I arrived at work either an hour or two early or an hour or two late. The solution to this problem appeared to be to move to Arizona. I thought that I had finally found a way to avoid the confusion of the semi-annual changing of the clocks, because as you folks who live in Arizona know, they don’t change the clocks in this state. [Unless you live in the Navajo Nation.]

Unfortunately this is not a complete solution. If I want to make an evening phone call to someone who lives out of state, I will find that I violated their desire to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.


Actually I think that the memory trick is “Spring Forward, Fall Back”


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