Stock Exchange Re-Opening

I went to the Stock Exchange* after eating dinner. It was official Grand Re-opening of the Stock Exchange. It was amazing; Bisbee is really a small town. The clientele included a group of people that I had dealt with in town – the realtor who sold us our house, Cheri’s landlord, and one of the main antique dealers in town.

The band was playing so loud that you couldn’t carry on a conversation. Funny thing but I had heard the lead singer in the Copper Queen playing much quieter. The volume in the Stock Exchange was fitting for the band.

The bartender perviously was the bartender at the Copper Queen Saloon. Although I couldn’t tell her what I wanted, she asked me if I wanted a coke. By lip reading I knew that she knew what I wanted. The other bartender had been the cook in the Apache Springs Cafe until it was closed down a few weeks ago.

There were 3 or 4 couples older than me who were dancing up a storm.

It will be interesting to see whether this edition of the Stock Exchange will last.


* There Stock Exchange is the building that housed one of the first Stock Exchanges in the southwest. It has been converted to a bar.



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