Halloween #2

 Back in Tucson Friday night, I took a walk over to Main Gate which abuts the university. As I got closer, I saw a huge bonfire, and encountered many students. Ouch, this is homecoming weekend for the University of Arizona.

I returned home and reported this to Cheri. Partiers from such events often get over to 4th Avenue. Given that Thursday night was a very loud at the Sky Bar, Cheri asked me whether I wanted to go over to Bisbee. Having two houses has its advantages. At about 10:30 we left for Bisbee. This was despite howling winds, and possibly the start of a haboob*. The prospect of now dealing with the homecoming crowd was too ominous. We continued on to Bisbee.

We reached the first exit for Bisbee off of highway 82, the first exit after the tunnel. There were signs that said that the exit was closed. We wondered why. My guess was this was the result of some wind damage. We took the next exit, the headed for our Bisbee home.

Imagine my surprise; the reason for the exit closing was on Tombstone Canyon Blvd. It appears that this is related to the Halloween incident when a car collided with a fire hydrant.


* haboob = a violent dust storm


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