Aqualung was Cheated

There is a beggar, Aqualung†, who regularly sits at the bus stop with the NO LOITERING/BUS STOP signs. The day of the Bisbee 1000 step race, I managed to talk to him before he had drunk himself into oblivion.

We exchanged tales about the race and the effort needed to complete such a race. Then he told me that there used to be a race to the B* and back. In the particular year that he reminisced about, he had finished third. He didn’t have a chance to win the race because of subterfuge of two brothers. They linked their arms together, and squeezed in front of him before the race began. Given that the “path” to the B is very steep he had no chance to pass the brothers.

The story had the ring of authenticity. I thanked him for his story and proceeded to town. Later when I returned he was drinking himself into Oblivion.


† Thank you to Jethro Tull/Jennie Anderson

* The B is the letter that is above old Bisbee. It is on a very steep hillside above Brewery Gulch.

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