Barefoot Musician

Jim and I walked into the Mimosa Market. We encountered a fellow that I hadn’t seen since fall. In the summer and fall I had seen him walking down Tombstone Canyon Blvd, barefoot and wearing a burlap dress. At this point he was wearing a pair of work boots, a jacket, and carrying a ukulele.

I introduced myself, and he said his name was Al. I said that the weather must have altered his attire. He said , “No, I still go barefoot and wear a dress, in general. But right now I am coming from work.”

I expressed surprise that he would go barefoot in this weather. He said, “No. Winter is my favorite season.” I decided that I would go to purchase a couple of candy bars. Jim and Al had a conversation, that was out of earshot from me.

When Jim caught up to me, he commented that he had had an interesting conversation with Al about music; little did I know that Jim had a violin in the trunk of his Miata.

[Tonight the temperatures in Bisbee are going down to the mid-teens Fahrenheit. I hope that even the barefoot musician wears socks.]


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