Today was a warm fall afternoon. I was returning from a walk. I passed the bus stop with the BUS STOP/NO LOITERING signs. Of course, Aqualung was sitting there as he does most days.

Of recent, we have had more conversations beyond the simple, “Got any Spare Change”, “No” variety. Today I saw that Aqualung had a large can of beer.

As I got to the bus stop, he said “Hello” and I replied appropriately. Then he said “You don’t drink, do You?” I replied “No”. Had I said yes, I think he would have offered me a swig. I pretended that I hadn’t seen the beer can, nor behavior from earlier encounters, and asked him, “Do you?” He answered with a deliberate motion of his beer can, as if to say “What do you think this is?”

Then as I was continuing along my way, he said: “The weather is getting colder, you need to wear socks.”

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