Circuit City goes out of Business

Sometimes I decide to take my rights seriously. It bothers me if I go to a big-box store, make my payment at one of the many check-out windows, and as I am leaving the store there is somebody who wants to look at my receipt. I refuse to show them my receipt.

Usually these security guys just shrug their shoulders and continue on to the next person.

When we lived in Tucson, Circuit City went out of business. There was a huge going-out-of-business sale at the Circuit City store. During this sale they had three security guards to examine receipts.

I had purchased one CD. As I left the store, the first security guy asked me if he could see my receipt. I told him “No”. The next security guy positioned himself to block my egress from the store. He ordered me to show him my receipt. Again I said “No”, and walked around him..

 Now the big man of the trio tried to block my path, and demanded that I show him my receipt. I avoided him, and headed for our car. The guy followed me for a ways, and shouted at me, “Sir, don’t come back to this store.” 



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