[This event took place as we were in the process of moving to Bisbee]

We were driving back to Tucson from Bisbee. Just as we were about to leave town, we saw a guy hitchhiking. He looked like he fit into Bisbee. He was wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans. The t-shirt shouted out an ecumenical statement: COEXIST. The letters of COEXIST used symbols from various religions to spell out the word.

Cheri stopped to pick the guy up. She said that she had never picked up a hitchhiker, but she was in a Bisbee state of mind.

His name was Frank. Imagine our surprise, when Frank began to praise Sarah Palin. “Everything she touches turns to gold.” Cheri, not wishing to get into an argument but wanting to say that she didn’t consider Sarah Palin  to be presidential material, said “I hope that she gets her history and geography straight before she runs for president.”

Frank continued to sing Palin’s praises. In general he espoused positions directly opposite of the message of his t-shirt. By the time we left him off in Tombstone, we knew not only his politics, but also his weakness for 19 year old girls.

Next time we might think twice before picking up a hitchhiker.

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