Drunk at the Circle K

Last night I walked over to the Circle K to get a chocolate milk. I saw a drunk guy lying beside the wall of the Circle K, he was dead drunk. The Circle K manager was saying that he was going to call the cops. His assistant said “No, let’s call Bob”.

I walked down the street. Soon I saw a cop car going toward the Circle K. Shortly thereafter I saw another cop car going toward the Circle K. A little later I saw the two cop cars with their emergency lights flashing, and their sirens blaring. They were now going the other direction.

As the cop cars passed by, a battered pickup was going in the direction of the Circle K. As soon as the pickup up driver saw the cop cars go by, he did a quick u-turn, and headed off in the direction that the cops were going.

I can only surmise that this was Bob. Both the cops and Bob were called. The cops got there first.

I figured that I had sussed out the situation.

As I related the story to Cheri, she informed me that the cop cars did indeed show up at the Circle K, but that the drunk walked home.

Tonight last night’s drunk was at his appointed post.


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