Ghost Hunters

I was in line to pay at the High Desert Market. The two woman ahead of me were buying some ceramic lizards. I hope that they looked at the underside of the lizards  – “Hecho en México”.

Suddenly, one of them turned to me, and asked, “Are there ghosts in this town?”

I said that I didn’t know, and I asked her, “Why do you ask?”

She said that she had just seen two ghosts. They, the ghosts, had been walking with their father, and then when the women, looked again the girls had disappeared. Of course, any tourist to Bisbee might think there are ghosts. After all, there was a vehicle with “Ghost Hunter” painted on its side parked at the Castle Rock Inn last night. And any ghost sightings are good for business.

I asked her what the Spanish word for ghost was – Los Bantos. I left the market, and coming into the market were a very pale man, almost ghost-like, and his two daughters. Oops, this could be bad for the paranormal hype.

The girls were dressed in very colorful dresses. Somehow I had always envisioned ghosts, if and when they appear, as  dressed in long flowing white caftans. Or maybe blue jeans and denim shirts. Hey, maybe the women were right about ghosts – but they had the wrong one. The ghost might have been the very pale man.


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