Into the Ditches

Downtown in Old Bisbee is the conjunction of two canyons, Tombstone Canyon and Brewery Gulch; during a thunderstorm there can be a large quantity of water flowing down these canyons. Tombstone Canyon Blvd. has a long, deep ditch* to handle the rainfall overflow. The ditch runs on either side of the street as it follows the canyon.

This past summer the pipes were repainted; red for No Parking, and white or silver for legal parking. They look nicer and should prevent people from parking in dangerous places i.e. ‘the red pipe areas’. As another safety feature the speed limits along Tombstone Canyon Blvd are either 15 mph or 25 mph. 

Today as I walked downtown, I saw there were many vehicles with flashing lights. As I got closer I saw that there were ladders in the ditch. Apparently, someone had barreled along Tombstone Canyon Blvd, overshot the curve, went through the pipe barrier, and crashed into the ditch.

The driver was rescued, and air-lifted to Tucson. After the car was lifted out of the ditch, the damage to the car was extensive. However, the car started and was able to be driven onto the tow truck.


The next issue is pipe safety – gas, water, and other pipes that are within the ditches.


* ditch/canal/subway


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