Is the Copper Queen Haunted?

I was sitting at the bar at the Copper Queen with Gil, the guy with a sailboat in his yard near Bisbee. We were listening to Phil the guitar player and singer.

A well-dressed tourist came up to the bar, messing with his iPhone. He was a bit “off” from normal. [although not paranormal] Eventually he asked Gil if he was staying at the Copper Queen Hotel that evening. “No” replied Gil. Then he asked me if I was staying there. I also replied “No”.

He seemed to consider us half-way rational. Then, he asked us who in their right mind would stay in a hotel that was haunted; even crazier a hotel that advertised itself as haunted.

Gil told the guy that his in-laws were staying there that night. Rational no more!

Gil explained that the ghost-reports were a marketing scheme. Consider all those who had died in various places around the desert without stories about ghosts at their death-locations. In fact there was a woman who led a tour of the “haunted” places in Bisbee.

The tourist didn’t seem too impressed with Gil’s rational explanations. I probably didn’t help matters by commenting that those who believed in ghosts were much more likely to see them.

As I left the bar the tourist was ordering another drink, and mumbling to himself.


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