I visited Tucson for the first time in about a month. I walked into the Epic Cafe and found it much greener, literally. Somebody had gone crazy with green paint.

Sitting in the back corner was James. In the middle of the cafe there is a sofa with a series of 5 round tables each with a corresponding hard chair. I settled comfortably into one of the sofa spots.

James came over to talk to the blonde adjacent to my spot. Somehow he managed to be more in my location than hers. He began to give her a lecture contrasting operating systems, a lecture which she didn’t care about if she understood what he was saying. I didn’t need the lecture so I left.

The following day I parked on 4th Avenue, intending to walk to the Goodwill store. James rode his bike past me, and went into the Goodwill store. Is he reading my mind, and using this information to stalk me? I went to a crepe shop instead.

Tonight I was again sitting in the Epic, and James was in his assigned seat. This time he left before me. Actually he made a noisy exit. For some reason he had a bicycle beside him, and hit about 4 chairs as he took his bike outside. 

 Bye James. You can quit stalking me now; I’m going back to Bisbee.



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