Where is Scott?

I was taking my late night walk. I saw lights a block away, so I waited for the vehicle to go by. Unfortunately the vehicle appeared to be aiming at me, and its horn was continually blaring. I got ready to jump to safety behind the pipes. [Bisbee has pipes to keep the unaware from dropping into the drainage ditches.]

Then the driver of the red car turned, entered the one-way street from the wrong end, and stopped. I decided that I didn’t wish to discuss this driving behavior with the driver, and continued my walk.

Apparently, the occupant of the red car wasn’t after me. After I had walked a block,the car backed  up and drove into the parking lot of a house on the other side of the street. The driver yelled, “Scott, come out here, or I am going to beat the s**t out of you.” A voice from inside the house yelled, “Scott isn’t here. “

The red car tires’ squealed, as the car went into the Circle K to look for Scott. I continued on to my house, glad that I wasn’t Scott.

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