Wolf Man

Edward was sitting at the bar at the Grand. I was moving at a good clip this particular day. I passed Alex at about the same time that I passed the Grand. I was not aware of Edward at the Grand.

For whatever reason, Edward decided that he would like to greet me with an epithet that he had never used  to greet me before. He for some unknown reason decided to greet me as Wolf Man. Interestingly enough the epithet, Wolf Man, could apply to either me or Alex. Because I had never been called Wolf Man before, I didn’t respond to Edward’s greeting, although I did realize who he was, and that the greeting/epithet was directed to me. I am not sure whether Alex knew either Edward or me. In any case, Alex may have assumed that the epithet has hurled at him. 

Quickly, Edward and I both understood the gestalt of the situation. Edward again called me Wolf Man, I responded as though this were a common nickname, at which point, Edward said to me, “Sorry, I have had a few.”

Hey, Minsky, put this into one of your frames.

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