[A churlish response to putting up with rudeness.]

Rudeness in paradise (or forgetting that there are others around, too)

Ah, yes people on vacation can be rude, or thinking only of themselves. Our favorite coffee shop, the Latte Da, had three guys who talked very loudly, making it impossible for the rest of us to have conversations at neighboring tables. The topic of their conversation was their music. Not only was the decibel level of their voices annoying, it seemed as though their chairs were nailed to the floor since not one of them gave way to allow us to get to the only open table – next to them.

The next day there were two ladies who were having a conversation on the porch. The lady, who dominated their conversation, was perhaps more to be pitied. We all knew more about her life than we wished to know because her voice carried so well.

We needed to get something to eat so we drove to a restaurant. We slowed to move into a parking spot. A couple of guys meandered into the parking spot that we were in the process of occupying. A young lady, who was facing us, noticed what was going on and got them to move out of our way. A parking lot can be a very unfriendly place at times. We ate hastily, got a pizza to go, filled our gas tank and drove home to some peace and quiet.

So ended our day.

Another Day in Paradise

I was sitting just outside the Latte Da Coffee Shop in Lee Vining, California. The coffee shop also functions as the check-in for the El Mono Inn.

A man stumbled up the stairs. He is dressed in hiking clothes, although he doesn’t look like he has ever been on a hiking trail in his life

He went into the coffee shop. About 5 minutes later he came out of the coffee shop, looking askance. As he was going down the stairs, he said “If things get worse like today, I can go to my car, and use my oxycontin.”

I returned my dishes to the coffee shop. The proprietress was still talking about the exchange with the guy. She said that she and Lisa, an employee, had to deal with the guy. According to her, he was “spooky, downright creepy”.

Parking in Downtown Bisbee

The parking  area for the Bisbee Grille, now called the Table, is confusing. Should one back in or drive in? I have seen people do both. This implies that you can have two cars side by side, one facing in, and one facing out.

The other day I saw Duke and his sidekick, the Bisbee Kid, parked in the lot facing out. I asked Duke which direction was the proper way to park in this lot. Duke said that backing  in was “how the locals park.”

“In fact, this is one way to know whether someone lives in Bisbee or not.”

The next day I saw Duke and Bisbee Kid again parked in the same parking lot, but this time they were parking facing in. Naturally I pointed out the inconsistency in the two ways of parking. Duke was at a loss for words, but not his sidekick. He said,  “Sometimes we live in Bisbee, other times we don’t.”

Technological Improvements

Emergency Alert    12:45 PM
Flash Flood Warning this area til 12:45 PM
MST. Avoid flood areas. Check local media. –

We received the alert at 12:53, 8 minutes after it expired.

What is the reason for the tardiness, is it the NWS system, or the carrier.


1) Does “this area” refer to our place in Bisbee or the place that we are on the highway?
2) Note that we received the alert expired 8 minutes after it expired.
Should the alert been important to us we wouldn’t have needed the alert, we would already have been flooded.


We are all acquainted with the signs that display the distance. In Las Vegas, they now have electronic boards that display the estimated time instead of the distance. The correctness of the time is dependent on the traffic engineers.

Street Fighting

[Note this blog’s use of words]


I walked by the NO LOITERING/BUS STOP yesterday evening. Aqualung had some visitors. The guests were talking about street fighting.

Visitor One said, “He fights dirty.”

Visitor Two said, “Hey it is street fighting, there are no rules. One time in jail, I got jumped by 30 motherfuckers.  In the morning they apologized to me.”

As I walked home that night I encountered Visitor Two, who asked me if I had any money. I laughed, and fortunately so did he.


The NWS is now sending Emergency Alerts to mobile phone numbers. How much does the government know about us according to the type of phone we have? [Enough paranoia for the night.] It looks like the NWS got it close to right tonight.

The online services said that the thunderstorm would last until 11:00 PM.   The last of the thunderstorms finished about 11:05. The (mobile) Emergency Alert for Flash Floods said that the warning would last until 11:00 PM. Okay, but if the last thunderstorm lasted until 11:00, it seems logical that the Flash Flood Warning should have been a little later than 11;00. However, any body with half a brain, could deduce that the Flash Flood danger would last beyond 11 PM.

For those who live in Old Bisbee, you didn’t need the NWS to tell you that there were severe thunderstorms. To quote Dylan, “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

The ditches were running well past midnight.

Dead Man’s Curve

I was walking up Main Street near the Grand Saloon. [No I don’t live there.]

I heard a horn honk. I turned to see what was going on. Just as I turned my head I saw that a pickup had slowed to a crawl, and an SUV was passing the pickup. As soon as the SUV got past the pickup, the driver of the SUV stepped on the gas.  Of course the pickup did the same. The two vehicles barreled through Dead Man’s Curve.

Fortunately it was a summer Monday night, the there weren’t many people, or Dead Man’s Curve might have lived up to its name.

The Bisbee B

Throughout the west there are many towns that have their initial placed on the hillside where it can be seen from a distance. Most of the initials are made by whitewashing the letter onto the hill. This is also true of Bisbee.*

During the day Bisbee’s B looks no different than any other hillside initial. However, Bisbee’s B is also illuminated with light bulbs. Usually the lights are white, but when holidays occur, the lights are changed to fit the holiday. For example, for Independence Day the lights were changed to red, white, and blue. *

This is not the only thing that sets Bisbee’s B apart from other hillside initials. Somebody has had the foresight to install solar panels that provide power for the B. It is the only hillside initial that remains lighted throughout the night. This is possible because of the solar panels that collect energy. †

It is fun to hear tourists when they notice that the B is illuminated.


* Some towns use colored washes or paint. For example, look at A Mountain, that overlooks downtown Tucson. It represents the University of Arizona.
† Arizona has the most sunshine of all the states, why not make more use of it.