The Bisbee B

Throughout the west there are many towns that have their initial placed on the hillside where it can be seen from a distance. Most of the initials are made by whitewashing the letter onto the hill. This is also true of Bisbee.*

During the day Bisbee’s B looks no different than any other hillside initial. However, Bisbee’s B is also illuminated with light bulbs. Usually the lights are white, but when holidays occur, the lights are changed to fit the holiday. For example, for Independence Day the lights were changed to red, white, and blue. *

This is not the only thing that sets Bisbee’s B apart from other hillside initials. Somebody has had the foresight to install solar panels that provide power for the B. It is the only hillside initial that remains lighted throughout the night. This is possible because of the solar panels that collect energy. †

It is fun to hear tourists when they notice that the B is illuminated.


* Some towns use colored washes or paint. For example, look at A Mountain, that overlooks downtown Tucson. It represents the University of Arizona.
† Arizona has the most sunshine of all the states, why not make more use of it.


2 thoughts on “The Bisbee B

  1. So, with all that sunshine are there any plans to plant solar collectors over all the un-populated areas of the state?I mean that might give AZ just what it needs to electrify a fence on their southern border.

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