The NWS is now sending Emergency Alerts to mobile phone numbers. How much does the government know about us according to the type of phone we have? [Enough paranoia for the night.] It looks like the NWS got it close to right tonight.

The online services said that the thunderstorm would last until 11:00 PM.   The last of the thunderstorms finished about 11:05. The (mobile) Emergency Alert for Flash Floods said that the warning would last until 11:00 PM. Okay, but if the last thunderstorm lasted until 11:00, it seems logical that the Flash Flood Warning should have been a little later than 11;00. However, any body with half a brain, could deduce that the Flash Flood danger would last beyond 11 PM.

For those who live in Old Bisbee, you didn’t need the NWS to tell you that there were severe thunderstorms. To quote Dylan, “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

The ditches were running well past midnight.

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