Parking in Downtown Bisbee

The parking  area for the Bisbee Grille, now called the Table, is confusing. Should one back in or drive in? I have seen people do both. This implies that you can have two cars side by side, one facing in, and one facing out.

The other day I saw Duke and his sidekick, the Bisbee Kid, parked in the lot facing out. I asked Duke which direction was the proper way to park in this lot. Duke said that backing  in was “how the locals park.”

“In fact, this is one way to know whether someone lives in Bisbee or not.”

The next day I saw Duke and Bisbee Kid again parked in the same parking lot, but this time they were parking facing in. Naturally I pointed out the inconsistency in the two ways of parking. Duke was at a loss for words, but not his sidekick. He said,  “Sometimes we live in Bisbee, other times we don’t.”


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