[A churlish response to putting up with rudeness.]

Rudeness in paradise (or forgetting that there are others around, too)

Ah, yes people on vacation can be rude, or thinking only of themselves. Our favorite coffee shop, the Latte Da, had three guys who talked very loudly, making it impossible for the rest of us to have conversations at neighboring tables. The topic of their conversation was their music. Not only was the decibel level of their voices annoying, it seemed as though their chairs were nailed to the floor since not one of them gave way to allow us to get to the only open table – next to them.

The next day there were two ladies who were having a conversation on the porch. The lady, who dominated their conversation, was perhaps more to be pitied. We all knew more about her life than we wished to know because her voice carried so well.

We needed to get something to eat so we drove to a restaurant. We slowed to move into a parking spot. A couple of guys meandered into the parking spot that we were in the process of occupying. A young lady, who was facing us, noticed what was going on and got them to move out of our way. A parking lot can be a very unfriendly place at times. We ate hastily, got a pizza to go, filled our gas tank and drove home to some peace and quiet.

So ended our day.

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