Crosswalk Hugger

There are two laws in Arizona, as an automobile driver, that you must follow: you must obey the speed limit in a school zone, and you must give way to pedestrians in a crosswalk.

I reached the crosswalk at about the same time a woman reached the other end of the crosswalk. Despite the Arizona laws, for safety sake, I always look both ways before entering a crosswalk.  In this case the woman apparently saw me checking both ways, and assumed that I recognized her. When we met at the middle of the street, I had uneasy feeling that she was going to hug me. Unfortunately my intuition was right in this case; she attempted to give me a full-frontal hug.

I am a bit squeamish about full-frontal hugs from strangers in general, even more so in the middle of a crosswalk in the middle of the street. I made a deft  move, deft for me at least, and managed to escape with a quarter hug and a pat on her shoulder.

I got to the other side of the street without further incident. Take nothing for granted.


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