Greetings from Prince Charles

This morning I was sleeping, and Cheri was reading.

In a dream, I woke up to a phone call from Prince Charles.

I would probably have forgotten my dream except that Cheri felt the bed shaking and then saw my shoulders bouncing and wanted to know what was happening in my dream.

Usually I stay sleeping, Cheri asks me what my dream was, and I reply “What dream?” But this time since I was still sort of in my dream I was able to tell her the following:

Conversation between Prince Charles and me.

Roger: Hello
Charles: Happy Birthday
Roger: Thank you [long pause]
Charles:  Are you going to go swimming today?
Roger: [still dreaming] No we don’t have a pool.
Charles: [aside] Who is the birthday boy?

I wondered – How’d he get my number? Another problem with phone surveilance?

PS from Cheri
When Roger tried to tell me what he was dreaming, I at first could not understand what he was saying since he was still laughing through tears he then explained to me that Prince Charles called to wish him happy birthday. I was already laughing so when I was laughing until I cried, I decided that it was a grand way to start our morning in Boulder City, NV.

By The Way, I will be 66 years old on August 15.


One thought on “Greetings from Prince Charles

  1. You are in a fine old tradition, and really old, like 1600s — that of early blogger Sam Pepys in London. His ‘blogs’ were, like yours, based on direct observation of his world, including the Great Plague and all. And the great Joseph Mitchell. What a gift. Onward. Ennoble Bisbee!

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