Racist Talk

[Note this blog’s use of words: Words used in quotes are the speakers, not mine.]

I had to wait to get groceries, so I went to the Safeway Starbucks to while away a bit of time. Josephine was paging Robert for the second time. She needed his approval to add  protein powder to a drink.

The lady in front of me told me she needed protein powder to keep her weight up. Otherwise she would only be 98 pounds.

When Robert didn’t show up after the third page, Josephine gave the lady the drink with the protein thrown in for free.

When Robert did show up, Josephine told Robert what she had done. Then the fireworks exploded. Josephine and Robert called each other by the n-word. Josephine told Robert that he would have to explain the discrepancy tomorrow, because she wouldn’t be working.

They called each other “Nigger” loudly enough that anybody within normal earshot could hear them.

Apparently the time machine* still exists in Bisbee.


* The Mule Mountain Tunnel was completed in 1959. There is a legend that the tunnel acts as a time machine in which things are as they were when the tunnel was completed.


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