NFL Opening Game

Last evening we watched the Thursday night NFL opener. Tradition demanded that we should  order a pizza. I called the Screaming Banshee to place our order for a large pizza. The person taking the order didn’t ask me for my name.

When I got there to pick up the pizza, the waitress said, “Roger, your pizza isn’t quite ready yet.” I said “Okay”, but how did she know it was me? She said, “I recognized your voice.”  Wow, and I didn’t know her name; I don’t remember that she was ever our waitress.

Then as I picked up my pizza and walked out the door. Then as if on cue a car pulled up. Edward said “Wanna ride?”

The joys of a small town.


One thought on “NFL Opening Game

  1. Every Friday night we ring the same place and order exactly the same 2 pizzas that we’ve been ordering for more than 5 years. Every single time we have to go through explaining our address. The only person who seems to know us is the delivery guy. I miss small town life.

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