North Dakota

Last night we went to the local pizza place. As we waiting to be seated, we noticed the guy behind us. He was quite rotund. The place was fairly full so that we were seated off toward the back corner. The rotund guy was seated at the table next to us. His date was even larger than he was.
The woman was running her mouth; the guy had no chance to speak. Their table was quite close to ours. Her voice carried really well, and we couldn’t help but hear a few things. All of a sudden she began to talk about some woman who had recently acquired her MBA. This woman was thinking of moving to North Dakota.

Eavesdropper: {What does this person know about North Dakota. I grew up there.}*
Neighbor: North Dakota has nothing going for it except for Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore.
Eavesdropper: {I wonder if Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and South Dakota know about this?}
Neighbor: North Dakota has no colleges or universities.
Eavesdropper: {Is she speaking of Antarctica?}

Neighbor: Why didn’t you ever take me on vacation?
Eavesdropper: {I wonder if she even knows where the Grand Canyon is.}


* {} is used in this piece to encompass unspoken thoughts


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