Duke and Bisbee Kid were sitting in the Circle K parking lot. Duke was eating a candy bar.

Duke: I had a diabetic shock coming on so I hadda get a candy bar. Now I need a shot of whiskey.
Roger: Sorry, but I can’t help you there.
Duke: Used to be that everyone who came to Bisbee had whiskey. The Circle K is really busy.
Roger: Yeah, there is a motorcycle event in Tombstone.
Duke: Oh, yeah. I used to go when I had a bike.
Roger: [Looking at Duke’s buddy, Bisbee Kid] How about you, did you ride?
Duke: [Answering for Bisbee Kid] Nah, he can’t drive anything unless it is an automatic.
Bisbee Kid: [Nods his head.]
Duke: We gotta go find some whiskey.
Roger: Good luck.


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