Escape the Coming Wrath

I recently met a guy who had greeted me and my nephews on Main Street a long time ago. He was really weird.

Now, a couple of years later, I encountered him again. He was an even weirder character than the snapshot that we experienced the first time we met him. He told me his name but given the ensuing conversation, I think of him only as The Madman. He tries to show off his knowledge of my past as if he were Rasputin. However he is never right, usually way off.

He has about 10 teeth left, a scraggly beard, and longish scraggly hair. He acts as if he is delivering a message for only me.

He said, “You see things that others don’t see.” Duh.

“You have been here 30 years. You have another place up the coast that you can go to. Go now. Escape the coming wrath. Jessica prays for you every day.”

Either he thinks that I am someone else, or he is a terrible psychic.

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