The Madman II

The Madman would only talk to me when we were out of earshot of others. The more the Madman talked the more bizarre he got. He says that I have seen ghosts in Bisbee. How does he know what I have seen?

He said that the ghosts of Bisbee were Civil War vintage. They were mostly ghosts with amputations that were the result of Civil War injuries.*

Come to think of it, maybe I have seen a ghost or two. Maybe I was seeing a ghost at that moment. Every time that I have seen him, he seems to just magically appear from near the Grand Saloon. I don’t wish to talk with him again.

By now we were under a green ATM machine. His skin was sweating, giving him a palish green, beady appearance.

As I left, he reached in his pocket, and pulled out a flask. He sprinkled the contents on me. Am I now a Madman too?


 * Fact check: Bisbee was founded in 1888 – a little too late for the Civil War.


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