Bisbee 1000 Stair Climb

The 1000 Stair Race is one of the big annual events for Bisbee. This year the city repainted the curbs, and the cross-walks, and mowed down all the weeds along the sidewalls.

There are about 2000 competitors who sign up for the race. The competitors race over 10 stairways for a total of more than 1000 steps.

To complement the event, there are other events the same weekend. Many of the employees have to work extra hours to make the events work.

The following conversation was between a plumber and one of his fortunate friends who doesn’t have to work. The conversation between these two guys was shouted across Main Street the day before the 1000 Stair Race.

Fortunate One: Do you have to work this weekend?
Plumber: Yup, but I get paid double-time.
Fortunate One: That’s a good deal for you.
Plumber: Ja. You know that shit isn’t the only thing that goes down stream when you flush.
Fortunate One: [Looking perplexed] Yeah?
Plumber: Gringos, guns, illegals, wallets.

Enough for identity theft.


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