Bisbee-Douglas International Airport

The other day,  we took a trip from Bisbee to Bisbee-Douglas International Airport (KDUG).

On my paper atlas, Bisbee-Douglas Int’l Airport is at the end of Double Adobe Road. In fact the airport is just off AZ 191, 10 miles north of Douglas. When we finally got to the airport, we found a sign for a state prison, and another for a road to a now dilapidated cannery, but no signage for Bisbee-Douglas Int’l Airport.

We drove up to a terminal-ish building. Two guys were standing outside the building. We asked them where the terminal was. They confirmed what we had thought; we were at it. The head guy informed us that it wasn’t always so dead.

There are times that they have military exercises; the landing strip is the longest in the area. The prisoners are sometimes marched in shackles around the parking lot.

Inside the terminal, there are black and white photographs hanging on the walls. There are old copies of Golf magazine and Time Magazine. Off to the sides of the lobby are offices for the various remnant offices remaining from their heyday. The lobby itself is in very good shape.

There is a now-defunct restaurant named SkyWaiter. Of course, with such a small potential audience, how would one expect a restaurant to be able to stay open.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Cell Phone Etiquette

[This is more than cell phone etiquette; it includes my pet peeves.]

Do not use your cell phone when making a purchase.
Do not use your cell phone when selling something.
Do not use your cell phone when in a restaurant.

Do not speak loudly on a cell phone in a public place.
Do not use your cell phone when sitting on the pot.
[For men only] Do not use your cell phone while using a urinal.

Phone Etiquette

I was standing at about fifth in line at the Family Dollar store. The two guys in front of me were discussing the use of phones while making purchases. At least that is what I thought they were discussing.

The guy first in line was talking on a cell phone. This guy’s cart had a long plastic pipe attached to the cart. This was obviously intended to keep people from taking the cart outside the store. The guy finished his call, swiped his card to make his payment, and proceeded to take his cart out the door.

I thought the drama was over when the guy bounced back into the store with the cart.

But no, the cashier was talking into her cell phone. She handled at least 5 customers while discussing the fact that she was supposed to work tomorrow, and there was a conflict with a baby baptism.

I hope the church doesn’t have a strong enough signal to make a call.

Cold Ride

A biker was parked in front of the Circle K. The temperature is predicted to be in the low 30s tonight but the biker is sitting comfortably on his bike.

Roger: I used to ride. You gotta be tough to ride in these temperatures.
Biker: No, you just gotta know how to dress. [I gotta admit, he does look like he is warmly dressed.]
Biker: I have ridden in 2 – 3 inches of snow. [Now I think that he has gone from reality to myth.]
Roger: Where you from?
Biker: Ohio

Tonight I am not envious of his mode of transportation.