One Woman, 5 Jobs

I needed to go to the dentist. I decided to try a dentist in Mexico. The cost is less in Mexico and the reputation of the dentists is quite good.

We stopped in a dentist office when we visited Naco. The receptionist, Carmen, spoke very good English. She said that the dentist was out to lunch. We made an appointment for the next day.

The next day we showed up at the appointed time. Imagine my surprise when the dental assistant was Carmen, yesterday’s receptionist. It turned out that the dentist needed a translator to communicate with me. And the translator was … Carmen.

The dental work was fairly extensive, and I saw the dentist, and Carmen, often. The most recent visit to the dentist, the dentist was late for the appointment. I got into a conversation with Carmen.

I found out that she was from Mexico, attended high school in Tucson, and that one of her daughters lived in Tucson. Naturally [gulp] I asked if she went to Tucson often. Her response was that she had been deported for drug violations in the US, and was not allowed to cross the border.

One woman, 5 jobs — receptionist, assistant, translator, mother, deportee.


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