Dental Work

My friend, Hazel, went to a dentist in Naco, and I accompanied her. In the plaza there was a dental patient smoking. And how did we know that he was a dental patient? Because he was wearing the dental patient bib.

We walked into the lobby of the dentist office. The seats for the patients to sit in the lobby were stuffed leather chairs; there were places for at least 10 people.

Hazel checked in at the reception desk as one usually does in a dentist’s office. Meanwhile I sat down.

A guy walked into the office, checked in, sat down, got called in to see the dentist, walked out, and paid the bill. This happened with several patients.

Meanwhile a lady came out of the dental exam room looking like she had just done 10 rounds with the devil. She walked up to the front desk. Then I heard, “Do you want to pay now? It will save you 400 dollars.” Then she asked what the total was. “$6000!”

The receptions at the front desk had obnoxious ringtones, and they handled calls simultaneously in Spanish and English. Obviously privacy wasn’t a high priority in this office. In between calls one of the receptionists complained how sick she felt.

Another phone receptionist had a lengthy conversation as to why the patient’s dentures were bothering her. After hearing these conversations, I knew that I would never have work done at this dental office.

I had to wait for a long time for Hazel to return from her teeth cleaning. Beware of a dentist office with comfortable chairs in the lobby. You will need them.


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