Not Vegan Enough

At the Argosy Cafe, Betsy takes the orders, and Pam prepares the meals.

I was sitting on one of the high chairs, and I heard Betsy trying to take an order from a couple of customers. Obviously the menu in the Argosy wasn’t vegan enough for them.

Betsy, seeing no purchases there, suggested that they could go to the Whyld Ass Cafe.

Pam, the owner, shook her head. She looked at me and mumbled: “Do you want a job?”

Later I overheard Pam say to Betsy, “Tell me about that conversation.” Betsy knew immediately which conversation Pam was speaking about.

The gist:
They weren’t going to buy anything. Why not make them happy tourists?

Religious Discussion

I went to get the Sunday papers at the Circle K. Frank, the checkout guy, was involved in a religious discussion with a local preacher man. While I waited for Frank to check me out, another guy walked in to buy beer. He was wearing a baseball cap embossed with the words “Electricians” and “Brotherhood”.

Beer Buyer: [Addressing the preacher man in a loud, but non-threatening voice] I am a member of the Electricians Brotherhood of New Mexico. How about you?
Preacher: I am a member of the brotherhood of Jesus Christ.
Beer Buyer: Yeah, I was at a tent meeting once. We all burned our underwear, but each of us got a new pair.

Murder by Frying Pan

I was sitting at the bar at the Grand Saloon.

No sooner had I ordered my drink, I heard two guys to my left summarize the Murder by Frying Pan  story. Apparently a friend was visiting the wife, and the victim got home earlier than expected. In the subsequent actions the victim was clobbered with a frying pan. The story being relayed didn’t specify who actually swung the frying pan.

Frying Pan

The Bisbee Observer had a headline on the front page on the March 6 edition: “Naco  man critical after being hit with frying pan”.

The word on the street had an interesting slant: The medical staff had decided that there was no hope for the guy, but they couldn’t pull the plug. His wife was the only person who had the authority to request the the plug be pulled, and she had left for México.