Snow Birds on a Bench

I walked past a bench in front of one of Main Street businesses. There were two guys sitting on one of the benches.

One of the guys said “You know that we probably look like a couple of gay guys”. I kept walking.

I did hear one of them say something like, “We don’t have any Fruit Cakes in Iowa”.


Many of the locals complain about the tourists who drive very slowly down Tombstone Canyon Blvd and Main Street.

And even if there aren’t any tourists to slow you down, there may be times when you might find yourself having to wait for delivery trucks loading or unloading, or find yourself behind a Lavender Jeep tour.

But the slowest form of vehicular traffic that you can use in Bisbee is a funeral procession led by a police car with flashing lights.

Aqualung is Back

It must be spring in Bisbee. Aqualung is back at his spot near the Circle K.

The first time I saw him this spring, he had just arrived at the NO LOITERING/BUS STOP sign. He threw a napkin behind the bus stop, and immediately asked me for spare change.

Roger: Why should I give you change? You just littered.
Aqualung: It was just paper.