Circle K Manners

I walked into the Circle K, in order to get a chocolate milk. I was the third in line. The first guy finished his purchase and left. The woman in front of me was purchasing a 40 ounce bottle of beer. Not like she really needed some more.

Apparently, the Circle K cashier hadn’t treated the first guy as satisfactorily as he should have according to the gal ahead of me. She launched into a tirade how the cashier should treat the customers. After a little of this, she looked for his badge, a piece of paraphernalia that he had neglected to put on that evening. “What’s your name?” He mumbled nervously that his name was Luis.

Then she continued her tirade; his behavior reflected on the Circle K company in general, and this Circle K in particular. Then she pulled out her big guns. Her brother was married to the daughter of Esmerelda, the woman who ran the Circle K, and worked the day shift. If he didn’t treat the customers better, she would talk to her sister-in-law.

Finally she finished her tirade, paid for her beer and left the building. I purchased my chocolate milk, and wished him a good evening. “It should be uphill from here”, was his response.


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