Jazz Musician

Johnny Capers, Jr, is a musician who just arrived in town. He is scheduled to play in the Grand Saloon. He is a jazz musician.

He is a self-promoter. He talks to people on the street, and gives them flyers advertising his shows. He goes into every business, to tell people about his show.

He also happens to be black. I was talking to Andrew, and Andrew tells me that Capers talked to every white woman on the street.

Andrew says that Bisbee already has its quota of blacks. Capers will stay until he makes a mistake. Then he will move to another town. [Perhaps one that is more tolerant than Bisbee.]

2 thoughts on “Jazz Musician

  1. We can only hope that Andrew, having made a mistake, will move to another town [perhaps he can find one that is less tolerant – may I suggest he check out northern Idaho].

  2. I had the honor of playing bass with Mr Capers at the Grand. He is a professional, driven musician and more than that a gentleman.

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