Know Laundry, No Divorce

[In an earlier stage of my life I lived in rural Minnesota.]

The town of Herman sponsored an adult independent basketball tournament one weekend.

Of course, Dick and Al organized a team from Barrett. Dick and I lived across the street from Al and Gisela.

After the first day Al came over to our place. Al complained about Gisela’s reaction to the fact that we were going to play again the next day. In fact she wouldn’t even wash Al’s sweat clothes for the next game. Al said, “I am going to get a divorce.”

We discussed the day’s game and made travel plans for the next day. As Al was leaving, he handed me his sweats. He said, “Roger, wash my sweats and fold them for me.”

I washed his sweats and folded them for him.

When he came over to our place the next day, I gave Al his sweats and some advise. “Al you can’t get a divorce. You can’t even wash your own sweats.”


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