Leftover Beer

The bus stop makes a great place for guys to drink the beers that they bought from the Circle K across the street. If the bus arrives before they finish their beer, and they really want to take the bus, they will simply set the beer behind the rock wall at the bus stop.

One morning I awoke at about 7, and walked down Tombstone Canyon Blvd. There was Aqualung, pouring all the leftover beer into a single container. Why waste good beer?

Library WiFi

I was at the Copper Queen Library and I wanted to check out a URL. I walked over to the counter where the assistant librarian was, and asked for the wifi information for the library. 

She said that she would have “The Man Upstairs” come talk to me. In a couple of minutes Jason showed up, and greeted me by name.

Then he asked me if he could see my device. I handed him my iPhone. I assumed that he was going to check that my device would work with wifi.

Image my surprise when he began to enter information into my iPhone.

After about two minutes and 25 characters he handed my iPhone back to me. He said, “You are set up. Your wifi information won’t change. You can use it whenever you come to the library.”

Jim’s Death

The word of Jim’s death spread around town this morning. I heard comments such as, “From the time we are born we know this day is coming.” There is a pall around town.

Jim’s function was to occupy the “fish bowl” at the Cornucopia. He was usually in the Cornucopia to order his favorite dessert. He was noted for the many desserts he would consume in a single sitting.

The second to last time that Jim had a medical occurrence was around Tax Day. He called Patty, to have her file an extension for him. She doesn’t even file these forms for herself, but she filed them for him.

Yesterday there was a conversation, about whether Jim was devoid of friends, or whether the Cornucopia was his Cheers: “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.”

Beer Vending Machines

There is an innovation at Target Field, where the Major League All Star will be played next week. An adult fan can buy a card that can be used to get beer from a vending machine. A buyer can purchase up to 48 ounces every 15 minutes.



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