Rush Order

Susan and I were sitting at the counter in the Argosy. Raja came into the restaurant, sat down at the counter and engaged Susan in a conversation. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry. All of a sudden he noticed that there was an “Order” sign. He got up and walked over to the “Order” sign.

Raja: Is this where I order?

Pam: I will run this out. I will take your order in a second.

Raja: I think I will go elsewhere.

Pam: That would be a good idea.

Raja: {as he leaves} Up yours!

Birth of the Boogieman

[Story from when we lived in Tucson ]

Rod runs a neighboring restaurant; in truth he only caters. But he does watch our house as a neighbor would. This is good for us because he often cooks very early in the morning.

If he sees somebody trespassing on our property he will send them on their way. Occasionally he will let us know about what he has encountered. These reports are sporadic and informal. The reports only tell us that someone was there; not who, how long, where, or when. In fact, the stories become quite jumbled, and inter-related. Time is irrelevant.

I am usually the one to take the reports. I filter them, and deal with the situation as necessary. Sometimes they only demand that I be diligent to check that the gates are closed. Other times they cause me to watch that the neighboring pizza joint locks their gate at night.

But the other day Rod informed Cheri that there were guys using my hammock in the backyard as if it were theirs. We checked it out, cleaned and swept the back yard, made plans as to how we would reinforce the backyard fences with a prickly pear barrier, etc.

The next morning I checked the backyard. The only marks in the sand were caused by birds and wind.

Now I understand how the boogie man developed.

A Real Thunderstorm

We just returned from a trip to Sierra Vista. From the other side of the tunnel, we both made our predictions about the rain in Bisbee. I guessed that there was only a sprinkle because of the recent lack of rain, clouds or no. Cheri went by the darkness of the clouds. It turned out that she was right.

The rain storm was the most violent that I have seen in some time. At last the ditch along Tombstone Canyon Blvd is running. When the storm had passed, a branch of a neighbors tree fell. It hit a fence but no buildings.

This evening another thunderstorm came through. The ditch should keep on running now.

This morning I also saw a morning glory blooming. This could be coincidental, but nevertheless it is encouraging.

Morning Glories

I know that there are those among you who are more conversant with the flowers in Bisbee.

Can somebody help me out here? At this time last year the morning glories were everywhere, especially along the ditch along Tombstone Canyon Blvd. This year I haven’t seen any morning glories.

Last year the Ipomoea coccinea var hederifolia, common name Redstar were everywhere. This year I haven’t seen the flower at all.

Have I got the wrong time of year? Is the rainfall too limited? Last year the ditches were running continually.

I talked to people who live in San Jose. I guess I was looking in the wrong place. There are morning glories a-plenty in San Jose.

You’re Next

Earlier in my life, I lived in Minnesota. I was single in those days. There was an older guy named John who seemed to have a score-card for who in town was single and who wasn’t.

Given that it was a small town, we often encountered each other at weddings.

Every wedding I attended, John would unfailingly see me. He would greet me with a “You’re next”. Never mind that I wasn’t even dating anyone. The greeting became quickly tiresome.

After the third time this happened, I figured that turn around was fair play. I attended a funeral of a town resident. Of source, John also attended the funeral.

I meet John, and I greeted him with a staid “Hello”.


The man has since died, so I figured that I could now tell the story.