Morning Glories

I know that there are those among you who are more conversant with the flowers in Bisbee.

Can somebody help me out here? At this time last year the morning glories were everywhere, especially along the ditch along Tombstone Canyon Blvd. This year I haven’t seen any morning glories.

Last year the Ipomoea coccinea var hederifolia, common name Redstar were everywhere. This year I haven’t seen the flower at all.

Have I got the wrong time of year? Is the rainfall too limited? Last year the ditches were running continually.

I talked to people who live in San Jose. I guess I was looking in the wrong place. There are morning glories a-plenty in San Jose.


One thought on “Morning Glories

  1. Same thing happens down here occasionally when the city maintenance crews decide to clean out a ditch somewhere. In one of my favorite areas they took out the morning glories and the bougainvillea. Now it’s just a bunch of dirt. What was wrong with the flowers?

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