The Lord’s Prayer

I went to church on Sunday in Bisbee. There were approximately a dozen people in attendance.

The church has a wonderful pipe organ. However, when I walked in a woman was playing the piano.

During the greeting time, it seems that just about everyone greeted everyone else. The pianist told me apologetically that there was a problem with the organ; “something to do with a cipher”.

The Lord’s Prayer was interesting. The elder started the recitation, and many of the parishioners were out of sync when repeating the prayer. Not exactly a sonorous sound when the congregation isn’t all together.

The elder’s voice was the leader of the prayer, and by “Hallowed” everybody was in sync. Unfortunately, the elder mis-turned the page and stopped reciting the prayer until he got to the right page.

The congregation continued the prayer. About the time the congregation finished the prayer, the elder had found his place. He finished the prayer. He then commented that he probably should say the prayer more often. Then which page wouldn’t matter.

Strangely, despite the numerous errors in the service, I left the church with the feeling that I had been among people who had worshipped.


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