Mayoral Election

The Bisbee city council consists of the mayor and representatives of the wards. These local races are normally determined during the primaries. However, if nobody gets a majority of the votes there has to be a run-off in the regular November election. A third candidate makes the need for a run-off election more likely. The race for mayor in Bisbee this year had three candidates.

One candidate heads a local nonprofit organization. She is strong-willed about getting her way for events that she thinks are important. For example, there have been a couple of occasions this year in which she had posters placed on windows for events that had not yet been approved by the city council. By virtue of already having begun to advertise for the event, she put the city council in the uncomfortable situation of appearing to cancel an already in-process event.

After a rather acrimonious meeting with the city council, she was quoted as saying that she should run for mayor. Because she did run for mayor, there will have to be a run-off for the mayoral election.

She was helping the High Desert Market proprietor carry groceries into the market, she said. “I pity them. They have to continue to campaign. I didn’t really want to be mayor.”


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