Shadow Boxing

In the ditch behind our house there is a small clump of young cottonwood trees which are quite sheltered. It is near the end of the year, but the trees haven’t dropped their leaves yet. Some of the leaves are just now turning color.

I take an evening walk around the block. The wind blows out of the north, and the leaves bob. The trees appear to be shadow boxing.

How old are you?

How old do you have to be, to be old? As far as I can figure it out, old is ten years older than you or me.


One night I was at the Stock Exchange, and a band was playing. When the band started playing old 60’s rock songs, several couples began dancing. My immediate reaction was that these older couples really can dance, and they suddenly were 10 years younger.

If they would have noticed me, they would have thought that I was the old guy.


When asked how old he was, Satchel Paige answered, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you was”?

Circle K Doorman

We pulled into the Circle K parking lot in Benson. It was an extremely warm December evening. The moon was full.

Nick was in an animated conversation with an invisible friend near the entrance. Their conversation was crazy talk. Nick had blond matted hair and a scruffy beard.

As I approached the door, Nick broke off his conversation, and quickly opened the door to the Circle K.

I thanked Nick and got my chocolate milk. Nick returned to his rant.

I paid for my chocolate milk, and proceeded to the Circle K exit. Again, the doorman interrupted his conversation to open the door for me.

Report from Backstage

This past weekend I had the opportunity to be a part of the Bisbee Obscure Productions comedy show.

When the show began the members of the audience were asked to turn off all their electronic devices. Meanwhile, backstage, many actors are texting while they wait for their cue.

Some actors arrived in full costume, while others dressed backstage shortly before their performance.

Different actors have different ways of dealing with nervousness. Norma has the most acting experience. She said that she just does her part. In general the rehearsals can be quite rocky, but when it comes to show time, things usually come together. People generally put on their best performance when push comes to shove.

Carmen on the other hand is a good actress, but has a serious case of butterflies, especially before opening night. She tries to read a book although the only light available is the light that is being used for make-up. She asks the emcee if she needs some help. [Yes, she does, but she’ll have to put it together herself.]

The acts varied from very polished to works in progress. The acts varied from stand up routines to a large ensemble.

The skit that pilloried the Bisbee plastic bag rule was the most innovative, although a bit chaotic. Before the city meetings, citizens can have 5 minutes to address the mayor and council. Why not present a comical reaction to the issue?


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.