Lights and a Wall

Bisbee winters are milder than most of the nation, but when Bisbee-ites see snow there is excitement. Strands of Christmas lights are stretched across main street. Thankfully nobody plays the schlocky Christmas music that is a staple in some of the retail stores. 

Many homes have Christmas lights, in some cases these lights are elaborate. Most of the homes take down their lights by the new year.

There is one “strand” of lights that is on during the night all year long. These are the bluish-white lights of the wall between the United States and Mexico. These lights are not a celebration of a season but part of an attempt to keep people from illegally entering the United States.

Warming up the Van

I went into the Circle K to get a candy bar after taking my around-the-block walk. As I entered the Circle K, I saw that Barry’s van was running. Since Barry was operating the till, I figured that he must have inadvertently forgotten to turn off his vehicle.

I asked if he knew that his van was running. He answered, “Yes, I am warming it up. Otherwise my hands will be frozen to the wheel by the time I reach the traffic circle.”

The temperature was about 32 degrees in Bisbee. Imagine if he were stranded in Minnesota.

First Last Kiss

Ginny and Micky were sweethearts when they were in the eighth grade. They played together in the swamp behind the school.
Micky was trying to be cool. One day they were playing and Micky said to Ginny, “Let’s kiss”. Ginny said, “Okay”. This was their first kiss.

Micky also shared a wad of chewing tobacco with Ginny. This was their first and last kiss.

Dog Gone

Wednesday was the Open Dress Rehearsal for the Bisbee Obscure Production of “Death by Design”. In keeping with Bisbee “take-your-dog-everywhere”, the guy sitting next to me had his dog with him.

The highlight of the performance for me was when the cast broke into a dance, with the music turned much louder. The dog was startled and began to howl. The audience howled as well.

The guy took his dog out of the theater. Give the cast credit, they carried on without a break.

An Itinerant Musician

I was at the Grand Saloon the other night. Becky Reyes was playing.

After several songs Becky Reyes finished her set. Immediately when she left the stage, the itinerant musician flagged her down. [From what transpired next I assumed that he had asked whether he could play during her break.]

He settled into a nook which wasn’t amplified. Because of the lack of amplification he had to play much louder than he would normally play. Because of the volume at which he had to play to be heard, he caused the patrons to have to talk more loudly than usual.

Becky returned to the stage. The itinerant musician quit playing, deposited his guitar and washboard with a friend, and ordered a drink.