Rainbow Kids

There is a group of twenty-something hippie-like kids that show up on 4th Avenue in Tucson every spring. They are often referred to as rainbow kids, even if they might not identify themselves as such. They travel in packs.

They wear rather drab clothing; one would think that they had raided a UPS delivery man’s closet.

Sometimes these kids are rough, hard-core panhandlers. Other times they are interesting, ready for conversation. The crew this year seems to be having a good time.

One time there was an encampment on 4th Avenue in Tucson. I overheard a guy calling home on his cell phone. “I’m doing all right. I have some friends who look after me.”

And probably a Greyhound ticket in his pocket.

Beards and Tucson

As we were walking along 4th Avenue we ran into numerous beggars and street musicians. We encountered a group of rainbow kids, who were laughing, and in general having a good time.

The leader of the group was a fellow with a dark, full beard.

As we approached the group, I half-expected to encounter a hey-buddy-can-you-spare-a-dollar routine. Sure as clockwork, the bearded leader, ¬†said “Hey, mister, could you spare (…..) me some of your beard.”

All of us laughed. I said that if he kept  growing his beard, he would some day realize that he too had a thick gray beard.