Marvin’s Move

Marvin and I had a conversation as we walked along Tombstone Canyon Blvd toward the High Desert Market. He said that the “block” seemed to be getting longer all the time.

Marvin is moving to southwest Missouri to live with his sister. He won’t have to pay any rent because his sister’s house is paid off. He will pay half the utilities.

They don’t always see eye-to-eye but then they each have someone to look after each other when necessary.

He is also excited about having a pickup when he has things to haul.

Yeah, in Missouri it snows and rains a lot.

Bumming a Cigarette

I had just finished doing QiGong in Grassy Park.

I overheard a conversation between two women.

One woman had just borrowed a cigarette from the other.

A guy, carrying a guitar on his back, entered the park. He asked one of the women for a cigarette. She laughed and said, “I just bummed this one off of her” indicating the other woman.

Shortly after this the other woman was short two cigarettes.

Reminds me of a method to quit smoking:
Quit buying cigarettes, just borrow cigarettes.
Eventfully others will no longer give you a cigarette.
This is when the work begins, you have to learn to live without cigarettes.


Yesterday I picked a violet. We went to the Screaming Banshees for a pizza.

We finished eating, and were prepared to leave. The neighboring table was also preparing to leave.

I said “Excuse Me” to the guy who inadvertently was blocking my way. There was a mild bit of tension. I handed him the violet as a peace offering, an excuse to break the tension.

He politely refused the flower. Perhaps he felt that my gesture of giving him a wildflower was silly.

He said, “Nah, give it to my wife.” I did so. She smiled, thanked me, and put the flower in her hair.

I noticed that it looked good on her.

I paused, but I still had to get around the guy. Then I felt that I was blushing. I asked the guy if I were blushing, and he confirmed it. I nodded, he moved aside, and we left.