Yesterday I picked a violet. We went to the Screaming Banshees for a pizza.

We finished eating, and were prepared to leave. The neighboring table was also preparing to leave.

I said “Excuse Me” to the guy who inadvertently was blocking my way. There was a mild bit of tension. I handed him the violet as a peace offering, an excuse to break the tension.

He politely refused the flower. Perhaps he felt that my gesture of giving him a wildflower was silly.

He said, “Nah, give it to my wife.” I did so. She smiled, thanked me, and put the flower in her hair.

I noticed that it looked good on her.

I paused, but I still had to get around the guy. Then I felt that I was blushing. I asked the guy if I were blushing, and he confirmed it. I nodded, he moved aside, and we left.


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