The Bisbee Black Socks play baseball by the rules of 1880s. Clint plays for the Bisbee Black Socks.

He is also the token male of a Pilates group that meets in Warren*.

About a month ago Clint injured himself playing baseball. Given this accident, he couldn’t play baseball or do Pilates. So much for the token male. I joked that I could take the role of the token male. The women called my bluff and immediately one of them had offered me a ride.

The Pilates were quite difficult for me, but I recognized that I needed to join an exercise group. I have continued to do Pilates.

I hope that Clint will soon be able to play baseball, and do Pilates.


* Warren is a townsite that has been incorporated into the city of Bisbee.


Delmont’s Bread

Delmont, the guy that “works” the Circle K, often uses his proceeds to buy alcohol. In general he is a friendly fellow but when he has been drinking he is rather loud, although still not particularly threatening. One evening he was announcing to all within earshot. “I’m a bastard, I was born that way”.

During one of his sober streches, he remembered that he had learned to bake bread as a kid. He began to bake banana bread. Many Bisbee-ites began to buy his breads.

The other evening I encountered Delmont. He greeted me. Then he showed me how time flies to some in Bisbee. “In all the years that I have known you, you are always walking.” We have only lived in Bisbee for about three years.

Maybe it is time to buy some of Delmont’s bread.