The Bisbee Black Socks play baseball by the rules of 1880s. Clint plays for the Bisbee Black Socks.

He is also the token male of a Pilates group that meets in Warren*.

About a month ago Clint injured himself playing baseball. Given this accident, he couldn’t play baseball or do Pilates. So much for the token male. I joked that I could take the role of the token male. The women called my bluff and immediately one of them had offered me a ride.

The Pilates were quite difficult for me, but I recognized that I needed to join an exercise group. I have continued to do Pilates.

I hope that Clint will soon be able to play baseball, and do Pilates.


* Warren is a townsite that has been incorporated into the city of Bisbee.

Delmont the Baker

Delmont is playing the beggar at the Circle K today. His slogan today is “I need a 6-pack today, tomorrow I go back to work.”

I had the audacity to ask him what kind of job he has. Delmont says, “Come on, Roger, you oughta know by now that I am a local bread maker.”

Delmont’s Bread

Delmont, the guy that “works” the Circle K, often uses his proceeds to buy alcohol. In general he is a friendly fellow but when he has been drinking he is rather loud, although still not particularly threatening. One evening he was announcing to all within earshot. “I’m a bastard, I was born that way”.

During one of his sober streches, he remembered that he had learned to bake bread as a kid. He began to bake banana bread. Many Bisbee-ites began to buy his breads.

The other evening I encountered Delmont. He greeted me. Then he showed me how time flies to some in Bisbee. “In all the years that I have known you, you are always walking.” We have only lived in Bisbee for about three years.

Maybe it is time to buy some of Delmont’s bread.