Urban Connecticut vs Rural Minnesota

Karen was a new employee at General Mills in Minneapolis. She was from an urban area of Connecticut. She was living with Lois.

I was acting in a play in Barrett. Lois and Karen drove up to Barrett to see the play.

After the play we drove to the Cat’s Eye* to eat. On the way to the Cat’s Eye I met several people that I knew, and in the manner of the county, I waved to them.

Once we were seated at a table in the Cat’s Eye, a waitress came to take our order. I had eaten there often, so the waitress asked me if I wanted the “usual”.

After eating at the Cat’s Eye, we stopped at the Home 20 for ice cream. The menu cover of this restaurant was a copy of an early newspaper of the county. Karen was really astounded by now.

The waiter asked Karen if she would like a menu to take with her as a souvenir. Of course, Karen said yes.

The next week end, Karen had an opportunity to go to Kansas City, but she declined to go. She had seen enough of “rural” America for a while.


* Cat’s Eye and Home 20 at one time used to be restaurants that I frequented when I lived in rural Minnesota.


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